Monday, February 16, 2009

Tears for my Snack Shack

I have held back tears all day yesterday and today as I think about news we got yesterday. The camp that Sycamore View has used for many, many years has to close. They just decided on Friday (It is a 4H camp that has let us use it all these years while they take the week of for July 4th.) and it was announced to the youth group and parents yesterday. None of the elementary know yet, and we have yet to tell Tyler and Emily. I just cannot bear to tell them.

Buford Ellington 4H camp is an old Army barracks, basically a neighborhood that we are all a family at for a week every summer. Kids can ride their bikes and roam free like they should be able to at home but are not able to. I have gone every summer since we got married except for the summer that Emily was born. I was 7 months pregnant one summer with Tyler, but I felt that 8 months was pushing it, especially with a 2 year old in tow! My babies have been raised as camp kids. Our whole summer revolves around this week of camp. We were running errands today and Emily talked about camp for probably 20 minutes. It is just a part of life that we LOVE. How can I tell them that it is all going to change???

I know we will be fine. We are scrambling to find a place to have camp this summer. Most camps stay booked up years in advance and it is so hard to find a place for 300. We are looking and begging God to show us a place. I know it will be a huge adjustment, and there will be lots of blessings, but right now I am just sad. I will miss the bike riding, the benches and trees by the directors' cabin, the snack shack, pool time, Jason that works at the camp, all the sweet kitchen ladies, Walmart runs, loading and unloading air conditioners, Ga-ga, and so many more memories. Please pray that we find something soon. I would really like to have some good news to tell the kids when we tell them the bad news.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brent!

My Valentine Brent is 34 today. For a whole week, he is older than me and I milk that for the full 7 days.

I often tell my friends that I won the husband lottery. Brent is such a good man. He is so generous to me and other people materially. He would give someone the shirt of his back. He is the best dad and always puts the 3 of us before himself. He is such a godly man and a spiritual leader for so many. He is my best friend and we truly do have the best time together, no matter what we are doing. He is such a hard worker and encourages me in ALL my projects and very rarely complains about how much I do. Plus, he does all of his own ironing. I tell you, I won the husband lottery.

Happy Birthday, Brent!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Becky's wedding pictures are ready! To view then, go to They are great!