Friday, February 29, 2008


I just thought about this as I was getting ready and had to laugh. Brent had the hiccups for 36 hours before he went to the doctor. When he told her this, she just laughed and brushed it off and basically acted like it was funny. Brent didn't say a word, but the first thing he said when we left was, "Obviously, that lady has never had the hiccups for 36 hours."


It is raining, but Emily and I are getting out anyway! We need to get out of here!!! She is coughing her head off and will probably get pneumonia in this rain and I will be shut in for the next month with her. I'd better enjoy myself today!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Black Cloud

I feel like we have a black cloud hanging over our house. Sickness is just seeping out the doors and windows. It started a week ago with me getting strep, then flu. The kids got strep early in the week and I actually got to go to work on Wednesday. Then this morning around 1:30, Brent had one of his famous febral seizures. It was actually a very calm one, but scary still. So he was at the Dr. today. His is a viral something or other. He hasn't passed out since this morning, so that is good. I think we are just going to try to get some rest tonight and see how he feels tomorrow. His parents were supposed to come from Nashville tomorrow, but we are postponing our visit until everyone is 100% again. I just feel like our house smells like sick people. I want to open all the windows and doors and just flush this place out! I am so ready for everyone to be better! It is supposed to be a pretty weekend and I am DETERMINED to get out some. I need some fresh air and sunshine, not to mention groceries!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Zoo visit

We had some animals from the zoo visit last week at school. The kids did great with all the animals, but Emily did not want to pet the hissing cockroach. She said he looked ewwww. The kids' favorite part was the snow leopard still had the face! I promise I take pictures of all my students, I just post ones of Emily!

Catch up

I seriously need to catch up on the past month's activities. I seem to have gotten even better over the last few hours, by the way! I hope everyone is healthy for school this week!

Just about everyone in my family's birthday is in the spring. I never posted pictures from Dad's, Brent's, and Mom's... Here they are!

Dad's birthday was January 26th...I told you I was behind. We had a great strawberry cake that mom made, along with a makeshift candle, and played the new Marble Madness game he got.

Brent has a Valentine birthday and turned 33 this year. We ate at home and had a TCBY cake...his favorite. I really put 33 candles on it and it was so smoky!!!

Mom celebrated #58 on February 17. I think she looks really good for her age. Seriously, I didn't take my camera to Olive Garden...totally forgot.

Still sick...

This was not how I was supposed to spend the past few days. I was going to have the most fun birthday ever at Incredible Pizza on Thursday, go to Tyler's Mardi Gras festival Friday night, and go skating yesterday morning. I have not spent more than a couple of hours out of bed since Thursday. I originally had strep, but I think I picked up the flu as well while at the doctor. I did get up this morning to do Emily's hair for church, and Tyler came and told me he was sick. We have made sick beds on the couches in the hearth room and parked ourselves in front of the tv all morning. He has read and I have slept, mostly. Emily and Brent went to church, so it has been very quiet here.

I am trying to get up and do some things. I have so much going on this week, and I am already behind because of this "vacation."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy birthday to me?

Today is my 33rd birthday and guess what I got. Strep throat. Not the day I had planned.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Winterfest 2008

Brent and I got back late last night from spending the weekend with our dearest teenage friends. We took them to Gatlinburg for Winterfest. I am just getting too old to do this. My girls, that I love as my own, stayed up all night both nights. I just about beat them as my own! I would almost be asleep and Stacey would come in a say, "Your girls are out in the hall AGAIN." Good grief. They are very much like me as a teenager, not bad, just silly. I suppose it is my payback.
Besides the lack of sleep, it was a fabulous weekend. The bus ride home just about killed me. My back hurt so much...I tell you I am just too old.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lucy Goose

The other day, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done. I was zipping from one room to the next and I looked over and saw my Lucy just sitting in the sunshine. I just had to take her picture, she looked so pretty!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread

My kids LIVE for the time to cook Amish Friendship Bread. They call it cinnamon bread. Today, it happened to fall on a day that I was at home. Usually, I make it after the kids go to bed and they scream that they can't sleep because of the smell. Last week, Tyler came downstairs and said, "I just had to follow my nose. The smell just pulls me out of bed!" Won't he be happy when he walks through the door this afternoon!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

Emily has decided that she wants straight hair. I have straightened my hair my whole life, except when it was cool to look like you stuck your finger in a light socket. For the past month, I have done her hair, but I told her that if she wanted me to keep straigtening it, she would have to get it cut short. So, we did that today. It is precious and she thinks she is BIG STUFF. The pictures posted are poses she came up with on her own.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey mommy...

Emily has hit the spelling stage, just like Tyler did. Every other thing out of her mouth is, "Hey mommy, how do you spell__________________?" She walks around with a pad and paper all day long. And it's not, "Hey Mommy, how do you spell cat?" It's, "Hey Mommy, how you spell Audrey you are my friend and you need to come play and we will play dress up and candyland." Wears me out. When Tyler went through the same thing and I remember just about pulling my hair out over it! And she has developed her own code for things, like lunch is "L", School is "S", I am "M", Brent is "D", etc.

Tyler has started teaching art lessons at school during free time. Some of his students want to make a Power Rangers book like his, but he has told them they have to have 3 lessons before he will show them how to do that. Hilarious.

We made it through the storm last night. Tyler freaked out, but through most of his tears, he talked about Maddie, so I really think it was more that than the storm. Some friends of ours in Jackson lost their house, but all the Memphis damage was in other parts of town. We had some good quality time, all 5 of us, in our tiny hall bathroom. I hope we don't have to do that again for a few years!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I have tried all day to figure out what to say, but I just don't have many words. Maddie died early this morning. I thought it would be today or tomorrow, from things that Brandi had said. How fitting, that Princess Maddie went to heaven on 2/2, since she had a great love of all things girly and frilly. Please pray that Brandi and Neal get through the next few days with ease and begin life outside of cancer. Memphis is not home for them, but I think they might stay.

On a funny note, we were pulling into Sam's today and Emily said, "Mama, please don't cry while we are in Sam's. You will embarrass me."

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ah, February...

I am always delighted to see February come. It brings hope of spring and warmer days.

I saw two odd things while running errands today. First, I saw 2 bottom drawers of a refrigerator full of condiments on the side of the road. I also saw a mini-storage place offering a Valentine special. What kind of Valentine is a 8X8 storage shed???