Sunday, May 17, 2009

What time is it???

Summer's my vacation! (That's for you, Jennie.)

Well, school is out for me. It won't seem that school is totally over until Tuesday when I would have been going to work. I had the best last week. Our program was fantastic and the kids had a ball. I got so many wonderful, creative gifts and tons of well-wishes from my parents. It was hard to let some of my babies go, but I will keep in touch with many of them. We had a fun work party Thursday night, too. I am going to miss seeing those ladies on a daily basis. They are a good bunch of girls to work with. I will especially miss working with Stephanie, and maybe someday I will again. I left there knowing with all my heart that I will always love teaching.

As some of you know, I, along with my dad, am the interim children's minister at our church for either the summer or until someone is hired. It is a job I am well suited to do, even the permanent position, but it is just too many hours for someone with two elementary-aged children. I have prayed for many years that I would somehow be able to be on staff with the children's ministry, but the money just isn't there for 2 people. Maybe someday...

I am so looking forward to summer vacation. I don't feel the need to cram tons of projects in since I will be home in the fall this year. There are lots of things on my to-do wish, though...

*Refinish the kitchen table
*Paint my bedroom
*Paint the hallway upstairs
*Clean out the attic
*Paint all the interior doors
*and one more...

I will post about it tomorrow. I have a project already started, and I have considered making a whole new blog for it. I'll fill you in tomorrow!


Jennie said...

Thanks for the HSM plug! My to-do list has a lot of painting I'd like to do on it, much work! I just finished painting our kitchen table and our 6 dining room chairs so I'm done painting for a little while.
We're all getting excited for the beach! 11 days!

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

So glad to see you are blogging again, Elizabeth. :-)

Hope you are enjoying your first few days of Summer.